The MBA Application Resume

To me, the resume is huge. I come from a non-traditional/semi-technical background so I have to make sure my future goals are able to shine through in my resume. I have spent a lot of time as a technical consultant. More recently I have been able to lead teams and branch out into different areas of expertise.

In this section I will post my thought process, results, and other relevant information (great web resources on this topic!!!). As always, comments and help is appreciated.


Top Links

HBS Accept: Top 4 Tips and Tricks for a MBA Resume – Short and sweet but packed with quality.

GMAT Club: MBA Resume Mistakes You Can Avoid – GMAT Club doing its thing. The discussion around 1 page vs. 2 and how to present projects by JonAdmissionado is great.

QS TopMBA: Writing a Powerful MBA Resume – Useful summary. Talks about the STAR method (challenging for my background).


Drum roll please….My Resume:

First draft (some data sanitized): MBAResume-Draft1


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