Training Day – Day 3

Got back on the horse today. I had a good pasta dinner last night so I thought it would give me a boost today. I didn’t have a big breakfast so I got tired about 30 minutes into the workout. Been focusing on cardio and I will add some weight into the mix over the next week.

Workout Stats:

  • 25 minutes elliptical at 6.0 mph (2.32 miles)
  • 26.8 minutes treadmill at a 20-minute mile pace (1.28 miles)
  • 4 x 25 curls

Feeling: Tired. I was tired yesterday as well. I will take a day off cardio and do some weights for the next workout. Not too sure in the joints though.

Weight: Again, no scale. Feeling good though.

Recovery: Vega One protein shake mixed with Naked Power C fruit smoothie. Some foot/leg massaging after.



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